Right then, let's get this BIG BANG show on the road.
The Tricoloured Dragon
So, I've had my Wednesday physio, had a little break and now I continue with my final skim read-through of The Tricoloured Dragon before publishing tomorrow.

Then I plan to spend the rest of the day setting the whole story up in a draft on AO3 so that it's all ready to go.  Need to double check but, if all goes well, I may well contemplate publishing at midnight (That is allowed, right?)

Ah, I'm procrastinating.  Must get started - better to be ahead than behind.

I Have Art!

Despite being a standalone writer, a friend of mine was keen to make sure I had some art and started to gift me some.  When she asked if I wanted more, I started to share my work with her and, gradually, even more art came my way.

So, The Muppet has confirmed that she can now be my artist and it has added a new level of excitement today, even prompting me to dig out my own pencils and ink.  My original design for my Tricoloured Table was in light pencil and not really high enough quality to be used within her manips


and so, today, I enlarged and inked the little central dragon image and he's now already to be included.  SO excited and amazed at how much fun I had colouring my own, cute, Tricoloured Dragon.  I've even now opened up my inactive DA account and uploaded this table and my only other 'Merlin' fanfiction drawing.  I just might be doing more now. :P

Anyway, yes, I now have 2 bookcovers and 4 pieces of art from her, along with some other images and photos the have been found/recoloured/created by one or other of us.

Right, after all that excitement - better get back to the editing. :D


We've got our Posting Dates.
And I'm on the first day.  First of August. One week to go.

Finished another read-through of part one (first eight chapters/23K words) and it's okay.  Yes, there were a couple of silly typos; speech marks in the wrong place, a couple of errors and 'to' instead of a 'too'!  A part one speech that didn't match its twin in Part Two but, overall, I'm pleased. Will be starting on Part Two in a bit and now feel that I am back on track.

Now I'm just really looking forward to next Thursday. 

The Tricoloured Dragon. Major edit complete
That's all seventeen chapters of my Big Bang edited as if I was posting them up to my usual standard on FF.net.  It really does feel so odd to be working on a 50K story in one go though.  (50,450 according to my new, more accurate word count tool)

Tomorrow I start another slow read-through from the start and do some final checks including:

The Welsh names and English/Welsh balance.
That the repeated conversations in the two povs actually match each other.
That there are no really silly mistakes or typos I missed the previous fifty times.
General flow.

Could be as little as eight days to go.

The Tricoloured Dragon. Final(?) touches.
Not really had much chance to work on this recently due to the end of the school term and a sore arm.  Now, however, I realise that there's still quite a bit of Part Two to edit and I've been spending most of today doing that - I'm hoping that, by bed time I should have covered three further chapters taking me up to 14 out of 17 done.

Seeing I've never used a Beta for any of my previous work, I'm basically working each chapter up to my usual high, publishing standard before sending it off.  I'm hopeful that that means that little work or time will be needed on corrections.  Fingers crossed :P

However, one result of all these edits and tweaks is that I've not only sailed past the 50K mark but have today edged past the 51K one.  I really do need to get cracking though as I've requested an early date and suspect, from what I've seen of the other requests, that I shall get that.  More than anything else, I'm just impatient to share a story that I was initially inspired to write during my holiday to North Wales almost a year ago.

Will 'The Tricoloured Dragon' hit 50K?
49954 / 30000

Look what I've just written!
So, today I've been continuing on my paperlegends, Big Bang fic and it's going well.

Here are the last two words I have just written for 'The Tricoloured Dragon' tonight.




The End

Woohoo!  All right, loads of editing and probably a few minor tweaks and adjustments but ...


48975 / 30000

The End is in Sight!

That was more than I expected today. I even worked on my Mergana fic, "All Our Secrets" too.

The end is most definitely in sight. That's 15 chapters done (even if the last few are still a little rough) and the final chapter 16 had already been started - five pages of that done already.

It's just that I got to the really exciting, climatic bit so, honestly, I just didn't want to stop typing this afternoon. The actual plot is pretty much finished, in fact, and all I've got now is the rounding off/epilogue stuff.

So, my current total is 45,252 and I've probably now got approx. 2K until I reach the end.

45252 / 30000

Big Bang Progress: Chapter 12 Completed...
...Four more to go.

Just averaged out the chapter word count to date and then worked out that four more chapters of that length would give me a total of 47,395 words.

35546 / 30000

Onto the Next Stage
So, I've been paired up with an artist and have spent this afternoon sorting through everything I have so far and have just sent it all out to her and my Beta.

In the process I found a problem with one little plot issue at the end but now all that's done there's really little else for me to do but get serious and write.  Still got five chapters to complete.  The next one is an overlapping chapter from Merlin's pov but then it's all onto new story and the nice big final climaxes.

Feeling nicely focused and inspired now but slightly worried about finding the time I need to write.  I'll have to try and go back to that writing timetable I had the other month.  It helped me to do loads on three multi-parters and a couple of drabbles and, at the moment, I only have one other ongoing story apart from this so it should be easy.

Oh, and the recent serious editing has moved me past the 32K point.

32027 / 30000


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